Offerspill news - week 14

This week's update takes us all the way from Oslo to Belgrade as we follow grandmaster Jesper Thybo on yet another adventure. Meanwhile, the March season of Offerspill Online League is over.

If you'd like to play in the next season of our Offerspill Online League (which started yesterday!), you have to be a member of the club. Read more about the league and become a member here.

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The Travelling Dane

Sadly, "The Travelling Dane" is already an online blog. If it wasn't we would highly recommend Jesper to claim it as his own. As usual, Jesper is travelling in search of new chess tournaments. This week his travels have taken him to Belgrade to play in an open tournament where he'll face off against everything from amateurs to experienced grandmasters.

Jesper Thybo is one of the best and most innocent looking players in Offerspill!

Check out Jesper's results so far here.

Geri's game

This legendary short film has nothing to do with this past week's events, but it's a real classic and always good fun. Maybe this is how to beat Gvein in the Online League?

Quite possible the most devious player of all time. Photo: Pixar

Watch it and get inspired here.

Online League Blitz Arena

The last tournament of this year's first monthly season of our Online League was a  thrilling one. 33 participants battled it out in a 3+2 arena tournament with achievements and levels on the line.

Ultimately, the victory went to Serbian FM Papadosor, closely followed by Startstrek and TraintoBusan - congratulations.

However, the tournament winner didn't go unbeaten.

Krosta is a familiar name for all who have followed our online tournaments, and as usual the gifted and slightly underrated Krosta managed to beat a higher rated player (he has beaten yours truly more than a couple of times, to say the least..).

Let's have a look.

Full results are available here.

Quarantine League

Before starting the new season of the Offerspill Online League, members could warm up with the Online Bundesliga. At the time, Offerspill played in the 8th division and was desperate for a promotion.

As so many times before, our members came through with a blistering performance!


Promotion to the 7th divison - up we go!

TraintoBusan impressed with a magnificent win against a 2445 rated player from the division winning club from Tehran. After a rocky opening, TraintoBusan fought her way back into the game and finished her opponent off with a couple of excellent tactics.

Watch and learn.

Checkmates in dubious openings

The excellent chess site Chess24 has started a new article series on how to trick your oppnonents by playing slightly offbeat openings. This week they examine the openings Blackburne Shilling Gambit and Owen’s Defense.

Even though these openings are not played regurlarly on the top level, they can still bring you a lot of fun - especially in faster time controls. Give it a read here.

Upcoming events

We'll be back before you know it with some more Puzzlemania and other relatively high-quality streams. Meanwhile, read up on our Puzzlemania concept here and give us a follow on Twitch.

Also, the brilliant Jakob Aavik continues to deliever content to our YouTube channel. If you aren't caught up then you have plenty of fun stuff to enjoy - including World Champion Magnus Carlsen playing in the latest edition of Titled Arena on Lichess - watch the first of a three part video from the event here.