Champions Chess Tour

Summer update

#Magnus Carlsen #Lara Janzelj #Maxime Vachier-Lagrave

It's finally summer and time for a real update on this past few weeks. Also, we have plenty to look forward in the fall. In this…

Joachim B Nilsen

Offerspill news - week 22

#Magnus Carlsen #Opening of the week #Champions Chess Tour

There's plenty to report this week. We'll start with the fact that Magnus Carlsen beat Wesley So in an exciting final match in the FTX Crypto…

Joachim B Nilsen

Offerspill news - week 21

#Magnus Carlsen #Champions Chess Tour #Jesper Thybo

It's been a great week for chess! World Champion Magnus Carlsen continues to impress and is now in the semi-final of the FTX Crypto Cup. Jesper…

Joachim B Nilsen

Success for Jesper & Magnus

#Magnus Carlsen #Jesper Thybo #Champions Chess Tour

Our Danish star Jesper Thybo recently won an international tournament in Serbia with a fantastic rating performance of 2700+. Now he has done it again with…

Joachim B Nilsen

Offerspill news - week 19 & 20

#Champions Chess Tour #Games #Offerspill Online League

After a short break from our weekly updates we are back with a juicy one, including opening of the week, the world's first bitcoin tournament, and…

Joachim B Nilsen

Preview: New in Chess Classic

#Magnus Carlsen #Aryan Tari #Champions Chess Tour

On Saturday the 24th of April at 19:00 CEST the 5th tournament of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, namely the New in Chess Classic, starts…

Joachim B Nilsen

Ny toppturnering: Offerspill stiller sterkt

#Aryan Tari #Magnus Carlsen #Johan-Sebastian Christiansen

På lørdag starter femte turnering i Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 2020-2021 [], New in Chess Classic [] . Dagen…

Jon Kristian Haarr

Offerspill news - week 12

#Champions Chess Tour #Magnus Carlsen #Jesper Thybo

World Champion Magnus Carlsen finished third in the recently finished Magnus Carlsen Invitational []. Meanwhile, Jesper Thybo has been playing a top tournament in…

Joachim B Nilsen

Offerspill news - week 11

#Champions Chess Tour #Magnus Carlsen #Jesper Thybo

A new tournament in the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour is underway. At the same time we are halfway in the March season of the Offerspill Online…

Joachim B Nilsen

Offerspill news - week 7

#Champions Chess Tour #Magnus Carlsen #Benjamin Haldorsen

We bring a final report from the Opera Euro Rapid [] in which Magnus Carlsen reached the final against Wesley So. TalentOffer candidate IM…

Joachim B Nilsen