Offerspill covers Stavanger Chess Challenge

Stavanger Chess Challenge begins this saturday, July 4th, with an exciting field of young players in Stavanger. This is only the second over-the-board tournement held in Norway since the outbreak of COVID-19.

The organizers have secured the fashionable venue "Forus", known from the yearly top-level tournement "Norway Chess", where 24 players will compete until July 10th. Offerspill will cover the tournement with a daily broadcast on Twitch with expert commentary, analysis, and a live-feed from the venue.

Johannes Haug and Lucas Ranaldi are the club's representatives during SCC.
The playing venue

Round 1 will start at 15.00 CEST with commentary by GM Frode Urkedal and Eirik Aarnes on Twitch. You can play through the games on Lichess.

Round 1 pairings. 
Round Date Day Time Commentator(s)
1 04.07.2020 Saturday kl. 15.00 Frode Urkedal & Eirik Aarnes
2 05.07.2020 Sunday kl. 10.00 Anders Hagen & Jonas Bernstein
3 05.07.2020 Sunday kl. 17.00 Benjamin Haldorsen
4 06.07.2020 Monday kl. 15.00 Ellen Nilssen
5 07.07.2020 Tuesday kl. 10.00 Johannes Kvisla & Jonas Bernstein
6 07.07.2020 Tuesday kl. 17.00 Johannes Kvisla & Joachim B Nilsen
7 08.07.2020 Wednesday kl. 15.00 Jon Kristian Haarr & Frode Urkedal
8 09.07.2020 Thursday kl. 15.00 Frode Urkedal & Eirik Aarnes
9 10.07.2020 Friday kl. 10.00 Jon Kristian Haarr & Johannes Kvisla

Above is the broadcast schedule. Strong players and entertainers will delight viewers with excellent analysis throughout the tournement.

See pairings and standings here.
The invitiation and tournement schedule can be found here.