Offerspill Puzzlemania

Lichess recently launched a new feature - the "Puzzle Storm".

Going forward Offerspill will stream runs from members attempting to beat their own high-score in Puzzle Storm - the inaugurate stream will consist of Joachim B. Nilsen (JoaBN), Ellen Fredericia Nilssen (Fredericia) and Asbjørn Ottesen Steinskog (Assios). Each player gets 30 minutes to solve as many puzzles they can and record a high-score for our Offerspill Leaderboard.

If you would like to try on stream you would be more than welcome - contact JoaBN or PusheenMeow on Lichess to schedule your run.


Follow the session on Twitch with commentary from 18.00 CET on Wednesday the 17th of February. Hopefully, this will be a recurring thing. You can follow all record attempts via our Discord channel as well as Twitch - feel free to give it a go yourself after the stream!

We encourage all members to post their high-scores on social media such as Facebook [Group | Page] or Twitter - feel free to tag us.

Puzzle Storm is fairly straightforward and combines the best of blitz and puzzle solving in an intense (and highly addictive!) activity.

Below is a summary of the game rules as per Lichess.

Game rules

Each puzzle grants one point. The goal is to get as many points as you can before the time runs out. You always play the same colour during a storm run.

Combo bar

Each correct move fills the combo bar. When the bar is full, you get a time bonus, and you increase the value of the next bonus.

Bonus values:

  • 5 moves: +3s
  • 12 moves: +5s
  • 20 moves: +7s
  • 30 moves: +10s
    Then +10s every 10 other moves.

When you play a wrong move, the combo bar is depleted, and you lose 10 seconds.

Best of luck!