Level up Training Camp

This weekend Offerspill hosted the first ever Level up Training Camp with several of the world's strongest players and the world's most prominent trainers. The Level up training program is our newest version of trying to create a long lasting structure that can foster and improve great chess players.

In beautiful Trysil we had rented a large cabin where 30 people stayed and trained for a long weekend.  Amongst the participants were Magnus Carlsen and his long lasting second Peter Heine Nielsen who both held some incredibly interesting and inspiring sessions. Super trainer Ramesh was also present together with the Indian talents Praggnanandhaa and Raunak Sadhwani who all got somewhat of a challenge when they were put on skies.

David Howell and Elisabeth Pähtz who also are trainers in the Level Up program each held a sessions with great feedback.

Overall thanks to all the participants and organizers for a great weekend with a lot of amazing teamwork and chess education.

From Howells session
The whole group. People from 11 countries!
Get him! 

We still have some spots left for the level-up program.

Send us an email or text message to join the program:

Jesper Bergmark Hall (Training Coordinator)
+46 70 111 00 18

Jon Kristian Haarr (General Manager Offerspill)
+47 995 02 893