Magnus Carlsen on The Queens Gambit

I guess most of us has enjoyed the Queens Gambit so far. I gotta say it was a really good show that raised some timely questions, and which handled the chess in a respectful and positive way!

After all Gambit is Offerspill (I won't say anymore).

Our club leader and World Champion has also watched (binged) the series (allegedly with his GF). Check out the videos below for his excellent take!

As mentioned the chess has been taken very seriously in this series with among others former WC Garry Kasparov as one of the consultants!

Most of the games shown in the series are tactics or close to copies of real games, but there were also several "new" concepts which Magnus points out in the next video where he breaks down the final game between Harmon and Borgov.

If you didn't catch all of the games or beautiful tactics in the series, then there are several videos on YouTube with commentary and/or analysis with for example the by far is the most viewed chess-youtuber Agadmator.

Bonus track.