Offerspill Invitational - The final rounds!

First of all a huge congratulations to Offerspill member Johannes Haug, who with 7/9 and a rating performance of 2661(!) convincingly won the tournament, and had a large break-trough in terms of reaching the GM title! With that he took home 26.000NOK and 26,5 rating points.

Johannes Haug ignored his hanging rook and played exd4! The three center pawns can win on their own – no rook needed! Play through the game here:

Gepostet von Offerspill Sjakklubb am Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2020

The second place went to another Offerspill member, the aggressive swede, Linus Johansson. He led the tournament after winning his first 5 games, but then took a short castle (0-0) and ended up with 6,5/9. His uncompromising playing style has non-the-less been really entertaining to follow. It should also be mentioned that he worked his normal job (consulting firm) during the whole tournament, before arriving the playing venue and delivering fireworks!

The third place went to Frode Urkedal, one of the most solid Norwegian chess players. Frode could have gotten a tied first place when he in the final game against Haug missed a win in the time trouble. For those of you who read Dutch - check out this article about Frode Urkedal from one of Netherlands largest newspapers who display the above-mentioned win possibility.

Left - Linus Johansson, middle - Johannes Haug, right - Frode Urkedal

There were also a lot of other great results this tournament, and we are very pleased to have given a lot of young players the possibility to brush some dust of their chess abilities and once again develop and fight over the board. One of these players, and the largest over-performer in the tournament was Gjestemoen-Vonhirsch from Stavanger SK who went up 108(!) rating points during the tournament.

All the results and rating changes can be found in Tournament Service

The top 10 (minus one)

Check out this video from the last round of the tournament + video from the prize ceremony!

Also a big thanks to our organizers, streamers, arbiters, players and sponsors, who all made the first large chess tournament post Covid-19 possible!

Especially thanks to Kindred - Offerspills main sponsor, GM Johan-Sebsatian Christiansen - head streamer, Jon Kristian Haarr - organizer, and Øystein Brekke - main arbiter  

Jon Kristian Haarr and Johan-Sebastian Christiansen

In the comming time there will be posted highlights from the tournament on our YouTube Channel. Also check out our Twitch channel with a lot of great clips from the tournament.  

You can play through all the games from the tournament on Lichess - Offerspill Invitational.

Move of the Round was played by Joachim Nilsen against Tor Fredrik Kaasen! Can you find White's move in this...

Gepostet von Offerspill Sjakklubb am Dienstag, 16. Juni 2020

We look forward to more chess being played over-the-board!