Norway Chess Open

So far the Norway Chess Open has been a great success. The tournament is located right across the street of the main tournament at "Folkets Hus" with two groups, Masters (over 2100) and Elo (under 2100).

Being one of the first large tournament post covid-19 lockdown in Norway, the tournament has gathered 120 players from 13 different countries and an astronomic prize pool of 200.000 NOK!

There have been a lot of good games, most of which are broadcasted to Lichess (Masters, ELO). In addition to the "standard" DGT-live boards we have been using the digital score sheet Clono in the ELO group which is proving to be very effective.

"Clono pads" in action

During the first 6 rounds we have noticed some very interesting games. Some games and pictures from the tournament below:

The playing hall in the Masters

This master piece from CM Ludvig Carlsson is a beauty and the Swede only needs 0,5 points in the last 3 rounds to make an IM-norm.

Offerspill member Alexander "Flugg" Tømmerås also won in offerspill-style with this game:

Offerspill member Alexander Tømmerås with a wonderful win in the Evans Gambit in Elo group
Alexander "Flugg" Tømmerås repping Offerspill!
Cathrine Bruvold in her first classical tournament ever!
Wildman & Offerspiller Tony A Storm with a though tournament so far 
Jens Hirnreise AKA Jeffforever took the tour from Germany to participate

D Gukesh is the 3rd youngest GM of all times. He is leading the masters group with very impressive play and a performance of >2800
The "big stage" at Clarion hotel 
Press room
TV2 Studio backstage

Standings Masters
Standings ELO

Norway Chess Open has been a collaboration between Offerspill, Sandnes Sjakklubb and Norway Chess. The ambition is to have an open tournament alongside the main tournament each year, and to have it grow in size and prestige.

Jakob Aavik (photographer) and Jon Kristian Haarr
Deputy Arbiter Truls Jørgensen, Chief Arbiter Kristoffer Gressli and Organizer Tallak Nærland
Surprise visit by DJ Assios and Bottios

Until next time!