Solidarity match Norway – Ukraine with Carlsen and Ivanchuk

This Saturday, 23 April 2022, from 13.00 to 16.00 CET will see a solidarity match between teams from Norway and Ukraine. Magnus Carlsen leads the Norwegian team that meets in the Good Knight Pub in the centre of Oslo. Former world number two Vasyl Ivanchuk leads the Ukrainian side.

The Norwegian team is the slight favourite with an average classical rating of 2659 vs 2643. Carlsen will have more games waiting for him at the Oslo Esports Cup, a Meltwater Champions Chess Tour event, starting at 18.00 CET. Esports Cup participant Anish Giri, and his second Erwin L´Ami drew lots to decide the colours for the match.

Every player will play each player from the other side once for four rounds of rapid chess with 10 minutes each plus ten seconds per move. The rounds start at 13.00, 13.50, 14.40 and 15.30.

The match will be streamed in English from the Good Knight pub on the channel of the Offerspill chess club. Chess24 commentators like Simon Williams are expected to join the action. Viewers are invited to donate for the war relief in Ukraine via their smartphone (if in Norway) or via Twitch.

The match is a joint initiative by the Good Knight Pub (Kristoffer Gressli), the Lviv Chess Federation (Oleksandr Prohorov), the Offerspill Chess Club (Jon Kristian Haar) and ChessTech (Stefan Löffler).

Offerspill Oslo (average 2659)                        Lviv Chess Federation (average 2643)

Magnus Carlsen                                              Vasyl Ivanchuk

Aryan Tari                                                       Kirill Shevchenko

Johan-Sebastian Christiansen                         Yuriy Kuzubov

Lars Oskar Hauge                                            Alexander Moiseenko

Offerspill stream (English)